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Musicians Married and Divorced in 1983

Weddings in Music

Jerry Lewis

Feb 13 Film genius Jerry Lewis (56) marries 2nd wife dancer SanDee Pitnick

Glenn Frey

Jun 17 American singer-songwriter, of The Eagles, Glenn Frey (34) weds America artist Janie Beggs; divorce in 1988

Carrie Fisher

Aug 16 American singer-songwriter Paul Simon (41) weds American actress and writer Carrie Fisher (26); divorce in 1984

Dan Aykroyd

Aug 29 Canadian-American actor Dan Aykroyd (31) weds American actress Donna Dixon (26); separate in 2022

Divorces in Music

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Nov 14 Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (35) divorces Sarah Hugill after more than 11 years of marriage