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Musicians Married and Divorced in 1995

Weddings in Music

Brian Wilson

Feb 6 "The Beach Boys" leader and chief songwriter Brian Wilson (52) weds former model and car saleswoman Melinda Ledbetter (47) at Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles County, California

Wedding of Interest

Feb 19 "Baywatch" actress Pamela Anderson (27) weds rocker Tommy Lee (32) in Cancun, Mexico; divorce in 1998

Tupac Shakur

Apr 29 American rapper Tupac Shakur (23) marries law student Keisha Morris; divorce in 1996

Rosanne Cash

Apr 30 American country singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash (39) weds record producer John Leventhal (42)

  • May 20 "Eagles" singer Don Henley (47) weds model Sharon Summerall (33) in Malibu
  • Jun 10 Actress-singer Holly Robinson (30) weds NFL Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Rodney Peete (29) in Los Angeles

Mick Fleetwood

Jul 26 British drummer Mick Fleetwood (48) weds Lynn Frankel; divorce in 2015

LL Cool J

Aug 7 Rapper LL Cool J (27) weds Simone Johnson

  • Sep 9 American pop singer Chynna Phillips (27) weds American actor William Baldwin (32)

Divorces in Music

Julia Roberts

Mar 28 American actress Julia Roberts and American singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett divorce after less than 2 years of marriage