Agrippina the Elder

Roman Noblewoman Agrippina the Elder

Full Name: Vipsania Agrippina
Profession: Roman Noblewoman

Roman Empire

Biography: A prominent Roman noblewoman of the first century AD, Agrippina was the wife of the general and statesman Germanicus and related to many of the Julio-Claudian emperors. Her reputation was that of a loyal wife and mother and her efforts to further their concerns led to her downfall.

Agrippina was the granddaughter of the Emperor Augustus and grew up in his household after her mother was banished. He was married to Germanicus and became the mother of the later Emperor Caligula and grandmother of the Emperor Nero.

In 29AD, after Germanicus' death, Agrippina was banished to the island of Pandataria by the Emperor Tiberius, where in 33AD she reputedly starved herself to death or was starved by her captors.

Birthplace: Athens, Greece

Died: October 17, 33
Cause of Death: Starvation

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