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Alexander Dubček

Leader of Czechoslovakia Alexander Dubček

Profession: Leader of Czechoslovakia

Czech Republic

Biography: Dubček was the leader of Czechoslovakia from January 1968 until he was ousted following the Warsaw Pact invasion of his country.

During his time in office, he attempted to create a policy called 'socialism with a human face' by reducing some of the communist restrictions on the country, and introducing aspects of democracy and economic deregulation.

These reforms were not supported by the Soviet Union, of which Czechoslovakia was a satellite state. After months of talks the Soviets and their Warsaw Pact allies invaded Czechoslovakia in August 1968, deposing Dubček the following year, who was later expelled from the Communist Party.

Born: November 27, 1921
Birthplace: Uhrovec, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia)

Generation: Greatest Generation
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: November 7, 1992 (aged 70)
Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a car crash

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Historical Events

  • 1968-01-05 Alexander Dubček succeeds Antonín Novotný as communist party leader of Czechoslovakia
  • 1968-05-14 Czech government announces liberalizing reforms under Alexander Dubček
  • 1968-08-21 Warsaw Pact forces complete their invasion of Czechoslovakia by arresting the Czech leader Alexander Dubček and forcing him to sign the Moscow Protocols
  • 1969-04-17 Alexander Dubček forced to resign as first secretary of Czechoslovakia's Communist Party
  • 1989-12-28 Alexander Dubček elected Chairman of the Federal Assembly (Parliament) of Czechslovakia

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