Alexander Patch

US WWII General Alexander Patch

Profession: US WWII General

United States of America

Biography: Patch served in the US Army for many years and fought during World War I and World War II. During the first conflict he served with the American Expeditionary Force on the Western Front, including in the Muese-Argonnes Offensive, the largest such battle in American history.

During World War II he commanded the United States Marine Corps during operations on Guadalcanal and was later put in charge of the entire American offensive on the island. Following his success here he was transferred to the Western Front, where he commanded the Seventh Army during the invasion of southern France in 1944.

He returned to the United States at the end of the war and died only a few months after it ended, in November 1945.

Born: November 23, 1889
Birthplace: Fort Huachuca, Arizona, USA

Generation: Lost Generation
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: November 21, 1945 (aged 55)
Cause of Death: Pneumonia

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