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Alfred Dreyfus

Jewish Artillery Officer Alfred Dreyfus

Profession: Jewish Artillery Officer


Why Famous: Accused of spying for the Germans, Dreyfus was arrested for espionage and tried for treason in 1894.

Was found not guilty and completely exonerated in a controversial and polarizing political drama that became known as the Dreyfus Affair.

Born: October 9, 1859
Birthplace: Mulhouse, France
Star Sign: Libra

Died: July 12, 1935 (aged 75)

Historical Events

  • 1894-10-15 Captain Alfred Dreyfus arrested and accused of espionage in France
  • 1894-12-22 French officer Alfred Dreyfus court-martialed for treason, triggers worldwide charges of anti-Semitism (Dreyfus later vindicated)
  • 1895-01-05 French Captain Alfred Dreyfus, convicted of treason, publicly stripped of his rank; later exonerated
  • 1898-01-13 Emile Zola publishes his open letter "J'accuse" accusing the French government of framing Alfred Dreyfus for sabotage
  • 1898-02-23 In France, Emile Zola is imprisoned for writing his "J'accuse" letter accusing government of anti-Semitism & wrongly jailing Alfred Dreyfus
  • 1899-09-09 French Capt Alfred Dreyfus sentenced on unjust grounds
  • 1906-07-12 Alfred Dreyfus found innocent in France

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