Andy Roddick

Tennis Player and U.S. Open Champion Andy Roddick Full Name: Andy Roddick


Profession: Tennis Player and U.S. Open Champion
Why Famous: Best known for his fast service and powerful forehand, he became a Grand Slam singles champion when he won the title at the 2003 US Open. He is currently the last North American male player to win a Grand Slam singles event. He reached four other Grand Slam finals but lost to Roger Federer every time.

Born: August 30, 1982 (35 years old)
Star Sign: Virgo
Birthplace: Austin, Texas, USA

Married Life

  • 2009-04-17 World's no. 1 professional tennis player Andy Roddick (29) weds fashion model and actress Brooklyn Decker (25) in Austin, Texas

Historical Events in the Life of Andy Roddick

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