Anne of Cleves

Queen of England Anne of Cleves

Profession: Queen of England


Biography: Queen of England from January 6, 1540 to July 9, 1540 as the fourth wife of King Henry VIII. After their marriage was annulled, she became known as the King's Beloved Sister.

She lived to see the coronation of Mary Tudor as Queen Mary I, outliving Henry's other five wives.

Born: September 22, 1515
Birthplace: Dusseldorf, Holy Roman Empire
Star Sign: Virgo

Died: July 16, 1557 (aged 41)
Cause of Death: Cancer (most likely)

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Married Life

  • 1539-10-04 English King Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleves, his 4th wife
  • 1540-07-09 English King Henry VIII annuls his 6 month marriage to his 4th wife Anne of Cleves, on the grounds of non-consummation and her pre-contract to Francis of Lorraine

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