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Annie Oakley

Sharp Shooter Annie Oakley

Full Name: Phoebe Ann Mosey
Profession: Sharp Shooter

United States of America

Biography: An internationally renown sharp shooter who joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West and performed before royalty and heads of state.

Oakley was known for her ability to repeatedly split a playing card, edge-on and put several more holes in it before it could touch the ground while using a .22 caliber rifle at 90 feet.

Born: August 13, 1860
Birthplace: North Star, Ohio, USA
Star Sign: Leo

Died: November 3, 1926 (aged 66)
Cause of Death: Pernicious anemia

Married Life

  • 1876-08-23 Sharp Shooter Annie Oakley weds traveling show marksman Frank E. Butler

Historical Events

  • 1922-04-16 Annie Oakley sets women's record by breaking 100 clay targets in a row

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