Anton Bruckner

Composer Anton Bruckner

Profession: Composer


Biography: Anton Bruckner was an Austrian composer and organist, best known for his symphonies, masses, and motets. His symphonies are notable for their use of counterpoint, harmony, and orchestration, and he is considered a key figure in the development of Romantic music.

Bruckner was raised in a musical family. He began his musical training as a choirboy, and went on to study piano, organ, and composition at the Vienna Conservatory. He became a respected organist and teacher, and his compositions began to attract attention in the 1860s.

Bruckner's early works were heavily influenced by the music of Franz Schubert and Johann Sebastian Bach. His Symphony No. 1, completed in 1866, was inspired by Schubert's Ninth Symphony. His later works, particularly his symphonies, show the influence of Richard Wagner, with whom Bruckner was deeply fascinated.

Bruckner's symphonies were met with mixed reactions from the public and critics, but they have since come to be regarded as masterpieces of the genre. His Symphony No. 9, completed shortly before his death, is considered one of the greatest symphonies.

Born: September 4, 1824
Birthplace: Ansfelden, Austria
Star Sign: Virgo

Died: October 11, 1896 (aged 72)

Historical Events

  • 1868-05-09 Anton Bruckner's 1st Symphony in C, premieres, conducted by the composer
  • 1873-10-26 Anton Bruckner leads the Vienna Philharmonic in the premiere of his "Symphony No. 2"
  • 1877-12-16 Anton Bruckner reluctantly steps in to conduct the premiere of his "Symphony No. 3", dedicated to Richard Wagner; it is a critical disaster and undergoes many revisions
  • 1881-02-20 Conductor Hans Richter leads the Vienna Philharmonic in premiere of Anton Bruckner's "Symphony No. 4", in Vienna, Austria-Hungary
  • 1881-09-03 Anton Bruckner completes his 6th Symphony
  • 1884-12-30 Anton Bruckner's "Symphony No. 7 in E", premieres led by Arthur Nikisch at the Stadtheater in Leipzig, Kingdom of Saxony
  • 1892-12-18 Anton Bruckner's 8th Symphony premieres at the Vienna Musikverein, with Hans Richter leading the Vienna Philharmonic
  • 1894-04-09 1st performance of Anton Bruckner's 5th Symphony in B in Graz, Austria-Hungary, abridged and re-orchestrated by conductor Franz Schauk without the composer's approval
  • 1899-02-26 1st performance of Anton Bruckner's "Symphony No. 6 in A", Gustav Mahler leading the Vienna Philharmonic in Graz, Austria
  • 1903-02-11 Anton Bruckner's 9th Symphony premieres by the Wiener Concertvereinsorchester, under conductor Ferdinand Löwe, in his own unauthorized arrangement, at Wiener Musikvereinssaal in Vienna, Austria
  • 1924-10-12 Franz Moissl conducts 1st performance of Anton Bruckner's "Symphony No. 0" in Klosterneuburg, Austria

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