Ben Jonson

Playwright and Poet Ben Jonson Full Name: Ben Jonson [Benjamin Jonson]


Profession: Playwright and Poet
Why Famous: Generally regarded as the second most important English dramatist, after William Shakespeare, during the reign of James I. He popularised the comedy of humours, and is best known for the satirical plays Every Man in His Humour (1598), Volpone, or The Foxe (1605), The Alchemist (1610), and Bartholomew Fayre: A Comedy (1614).

Born: June 11, 1572
Star Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: London, England

Died: August 6, 1637 (aged 65)

Historical Events in the Life of Ben Jonson

  • 1598-09-22 Playwright and poet Ben Jonson is indicted for manslaughter as the result of a duel.
  • 1605-01-13 Controversial play "Eastward Hoe" by Ben Jonson, George Chapman, and John Marston is performed, landing two of the authors in prison.