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Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

Profession: Prime Minister of Israel


Biography: The first Israeli prime minister born in Israel after the establishment of the state, he has been elected Prime Minister four times and is the only Prime Minister in Israel's history to have been elected three times in a row.

Born: October 21, 1949
Birthplace: Tel Aviv, Israel
Age: 72 years old

Generation: Baby Boomer
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Star Sign: Libra

Historical Events

  • 1996-12-30 Proposed budget cuts by Benjamin Netanyahu spark protests from 250,000 workers who shut down services across Israel.
  • 1998-10-23 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat reach a "land for peace" agreement.
  • 2009-04-12 President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian National Authority makes a courtesy phone call to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, restarting the Palestinian-Israeli dialogue
  • 2014-07-08 Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu instructs his defence forces to "take their gloves off" against Hamas and to take any means necessary to "restore peace" to Israeli citizens
  • 2015-10-21 German Chancellor Angela Merkel says German view of Holocaust will not change, after Benjamin Netanyahu says idea came from Mufti of Jerusalem
  • 2018-02-13 Israeli Police report recommends Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be prosecuted on bribery, fraud and breach-of-trust charges
  • 2018-06-21 Sara Netanyahu, wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is charged with fraud
  • 2018-12-02 Israeli police recommend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife be charged with fraud and bribery
  • 2019-03-11 Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, refutes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement “Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people – and only it.”
  • 2019-05-29 Israel's Knesset calls a snap election after Benjamin Netanyahu fails to form a government
  • 2019-06-16 Sara Netanyahu, wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admits to misuse of state funds in court
  • 2019-09-18 Second Israel General Election in five months results in another deadlock between Benny Gantz's Blue and White Party and Likud Party under Benjamin Netanyahu
  • 2020-01-28 US President Donald Trump releases his Middle East peace plan alongside Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House
  • 2020-05-17 Israel swears in a new government led by both Benny Gantz, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after 510 days
  • 2021-06-13 Israel's Knesset votes in a new coalition government with Naftali Bennett as Prime Minister, ousting Benjamin Netanyahu after a record 12 years

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