Billy the Kid

Frontier Outlaw Billy the Kid

Full Name: William Henry McCarty, Jr
Profession: Frontier Outlaw

United States of America

Biography: Gunfighter in the "Old West". According to legend, he killed 21 men (but it is widely believed that he killed 8 people).

He was catapulted into legend in 1881 when a price was placed on his head by the governor of New Mexico.

Born: November 23, 1859
Birthplace: New York City, New York, USA
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: July 14, 1881 (aged 21)
Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds

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Historical Events

  • 1875-09-23 Billy the Kid is arrested for the 1st time and jailed after receiving clothing stolen from a Chinese laundry. Escapes two days later.
  • 1875-09-25 Billy the Kid escapes jail in Silver City, New Mexico, by climbing out of a chimney and becomes a fugitive
  • 1881-04-28 Billy the Kid escapes from the Lincoln County jail in Lincoln, New Mexico

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