Boss Tweed

Politician Boss Tweed

Full Name: William M. Tweed
Profession: Politician

United States of America

Why Famous: Most notable for being the "boss" of Tammany Hall, the Democratic Party political machine that played a major role in the politics of 19th century New York City and State. At one point, he was the third-largest landowner in New York City, a director of the Erie Railroad, the Tenth National Bank, and the New-York Printing Company, as well as proprietor of the Metropolitan Hotel.

Born: April 3, 1823
Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States
Star Sign: Aries

Died: April 12, 1878 (aged 55)
Cause of Death: Pneumonia

Married Life

  • 1844-09-29 Politician Boss Tweed (21) weds Mary Jane C Skaden

Historical Events in the Life of Boss Tweed

  • 1870-09-20 Mayor William Tweed accused of robbing NY treasury
  • 1871-10-27 Boss Tweed (William Macy Tweed), Democratic leader of Tammany Hall, arrested after NY Times exposed his corruption
  • 1873-11-19 William Magear Tweed "Boss Tweed", of Tammany Hall (NYC) convicted of defrauding city of $6M, sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment
  • 1875-12-04 William Magear Tweed "Boss Tweed" (Tammany Hall, NYC) escapes from jail

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