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B.R. Ambedkar

Jurist and Social Reformer B.R. Ambedkar

Full Name: Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar
Profession: Jurist and Social Reformer


Biography: B.R. Ambedkar was an Indian scholar, jurist, politician and social reformer, who was fundamental in the creation of an independent India.

Born into a dalit (untouchable) class in India, Ambedkar became the first of his caste to enter Bombay University. Through the 1920s he campaigned on behalf of untouchables organising marches and protests. In 1932 he was a signatory to the Poona Act.

Ambedkar founded the Independent Labour Party in 1936 and was appointed head of the committee to draft the newly independent country's constitution in 1947.

Ambedkar is also credited inspiring a revival in Buddhism, converting himself in 1956.

Born: April 14, 1891
Birthplace: Mhow, Central Provinces, British India

Generation: Lost Generation
Star Sign: Aries

Died: December 6, 1956 (aged 65)
Cause of Death: Diabetes

Historical Events

  • 1947-08-29 B.R. Ambedkar is appointed chairman of the drafting committee for the Indian constitution
  • 1956-10-14 Indian social reformer B.R. Ambedkar and 500,000 supporters convert to Buddhism in Nagpur

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