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Bud Abbott

Comedian and Actor Bud Abbott

Full Name: William Alexander "Bud" Abbott
Profession: Comedian and Actor

United States of America

Why Famous: Abbott came to fame as one half of the American comedy duo, Abbott & Costello, alongside Lou Costello. He is famous as playing a composed character, or 'straight man,' against the eccentricity of Costello's varied characters.

His performance in this role was such that Groucho Marx called him "the greatest straight man ever."

After some time together, however, Abbott & Costello began to be torn apart by internal tensions. Costello, for instance, demanded that they be renamed: Costello & Abbott, which Universal studios rejected, causing further tension between the two partners. Ultimately as a result of this, alongside financial tensions, the duo split in 1957.

Born: October 2, 1897
Birthplace: Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA

Generation: Lost Generation
Star Sign: Libra

Died: April 24, 1974 (aged 76)
Cause of Death: Cancer

Married Life

  • 1918-09-17 Abbott and Costello's Bud Abbott (22) weds Betty Smith

Historical Events

  • 1940-10-30 Film premiere of "One Night in the Tropics" first film for Abbott and Costello Paterson New Jersey.
  • 1942-10-08 Comedy duo Abbott and Costello launch their weekly radio show
  • 1945-07-06 Abbott and Costello's film "The Naughty Nineties" released featuring longest version of their "Who's on First" routine