Famous People who Died of Syphilis

Famous Syphilis Victims

List of Deaths from Syphilis

  • 1828-11-19 Franz Schubert, Austrian composer (Die schöne Müllerin), dies from syphilis and typhoid fever at 31
  • 1883-04-30 Édouard Manet, French impressionist painter (Olympia, The Luncheon on the Grass) dies of complications from syphilis at 51
  • 1900-08-25 Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher and philologist (Übermensch and the doctrine of eternal return), dies of a stroke due to syphilis at 55
  • 1904-05-26 Georges Gilles de la Tourette, French neurologist and namesake of Tourette's syndrome, dies from Syphilis at 46
  • 1905-03-26 Maurice Barrymore [Herbert Blythe], Indian-born British actor and patriarch of the Barrymore family, dies from syphilis at 55
  • 1945-09-18 "Blind" Willie Johnson, American gospel blues singer and guitarist ("Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground"), dies of malarial fever, syphilis and blindness at 48
  • 1947-01-25 Al Capone, American gangster (Chicago bootlegging), dies of a stroke complicated by pneumonia after suffering from late-stage syphilis of neurosyphilis at 48