Charles Darwin

Naturalist Charles Darwin Full Name: Charles Darwin


Profession: Naturalist
Why Famous: Extremely controversial at the time Darwin's theories now underpin much of modern thought on the natural world.

Darwin established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors.

In a joint publication with Alfred Russel Wallace they introduced the idea that this branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process that he called natural selection, in which the struggle for existence has a similar effect to the artificial selection involved in selective breeding.

Darwin published this theory of evolution through natural selection in his book "On the Origins of Species" in 1859. The theory was supported with compelling evidence from his journeys around the world.

By the 1870s the scientific community and much of the general public had accepted Darwin's theory of evolution as a fact.

Born: February 12, 1809
Star Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Shrewsbury, Shropshire, United Kingdom

Died: April 19, 1882 (aged 73)
Cause of Death: Anginal attacks and heart failure

Married Life

  • 1838-11-11 Emma Wedgwood accepts English naturalist Charles Darwin's marriage proposal
  • 1839-01-29 English Naturalist and author of Origin of the Species author Charles Darwin marries Emma Wedgwood

Historical Events in the Life of Charles Darwin

  • 1820-05-11 Launch of HMS Beagle, the ship that took young Charles Darwin on his scientific voyage
  • 1827-10-15 Charles Darwin admitted to Christ's College, Cambridge
  • 1831-01-22 Charles Darwin takes his Bachelors of Art exam
  • 1831-08-24 John Henslow asks Charles Darwin to travel with him on HMS Beagle
  • 1831-09-11 Charles Darwin meets with Captain Fitzroy at Plymouth
  • 1831-12-27 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin on board, departs England for a survey of South America
  • 1832-01-16 Charles Darwin lands at San Tiago, Cape Verde
  • 1832-02-16 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin reaches St-Pauls (1°N, 29°W)
  • 1832-02-20 Charles Darwin visits Fernando Noronha in Atlantic Ocean
  • 1832-02-29 Charles Darwin visits jungle near Bahia Brazil
  • 1832-04-04 Charles Darwin aboard HMS Beagle reaches Rio de Janeiro
  • 1832-04-08 Charles Darwin begins trip through Rio de Janeiro
  • 1832-07-05 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin departs Rio de Janeiro
  • 1832-12-17 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin sails in Strait Le Maire
  • 1832-12-18 Charles Darwins visits Vurland
  • 1832-12-22 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin reaches Barnevelts Islands
  • 1832-12-25 Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas in St Martin at Cape Receiver
  • 1833-01-19 Charles Darwin reaches Straits Ponsonby, Fireland
  • 1833-09-08 Charles Darwin departs to Buenos Aires
  • 1833-09-19 Charles Darwin visits Guardia del Monte, Argentina
  • 1833-09-20 Charles Darwin rides horse to Buenos Aires
  • 1833-09-27 Charles Darwin rides a horse to Santa Fe
  • 1833-10-01 Charles Darwin reaches Rio Tercero, Argentina
  • 1833-10-02 Charles Darwin rides through Corunda to Santa Fe, Argentina
  • 1833-10-05 Charles Darwin moves with Parana to Santa Fe Bajada, Argentina
  • 1833-10-12 Charles Darwin begins return trip to Buenos Aires
  • 1833-10-20 Charles Darwin reaches river mouth of Parana
  • 1833-11-14 Charles Darwin departs by horse to Montevideo
  • 1833-11-20 Charles Darwin reaches Punta Gorda, sees Rio Uruguay
  • 1833-11-28 Charles Darwin rides through Las Pietras, returning to Montevideo
  • 1833-12-06 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin depart Rio de la Plata
  • 1833-12-13 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin arrive in Port Deseado, Patagonia
  • 1833-12-25 Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas in Port Desire, Patagonia
  • 1834-01-09 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin arrives in Port San Julian, Patagonia
  • 1834-04-18 Charles Darwin sails to Rio Santa Cruz up Patagonia
  • 1834-04-29 Charles Darwin's expedition sees top of Andes from Patagonia
  • 1834-06-10 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin sails into the Pacific Ocean
  • 1834-08-17 Charles Darwin reaches top of Campana Chile during his Voyage on the Beagle
  • 1834-09-14 Charles Darwin's company passes Tagua-tagua-more Chile
  • 1834-11-10 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin sails from Valparaiso
  • 1834-12-25 Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas on the Beagle at Tres Montes, Chile
  • 1835-02-22 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin leave Valdivia, Chile
  • 1835-03-13 Charles Darwin departs Valparaiso for Andes crossing
  • 1835-03-18 Charles Darwin departs Santiago Chile on his way to Portillo Pass
  • 1835-03-21 Charles Darwin & Mariano Gonzales meet at Portillo Pass
  • 1835-03-23 Charles Darwin reaches Los Arenales, in the Andes
  • 1835-04-10 Charles Darwin returns to Santiago, Chile
  • 1835-05-12 Charles Darwin visits copper mines in North Chile
  • 1835-05-14 Charles Darwin reaches Coquimbo in Northern Chile
  • 1835-09-15 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin on board reaches the Galapagos Islands
  • 1835-09-17 Charles Darwins lands on Chatham in Galapagos archipelago
  • 1835-10-08 Charles Darwin reaches James Island, Galapagos archipelago, on HMS Beagle
  • 1835-11-15 Charles Darwin reaches Tahiti on board HMS Beagle
  • 1835-11-16 Charles Darwin's voyage published in Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 1835-12-19 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin approaches NZ
  • 1835-12-25 Charles Darwin celebrates Christmas in Pahia, New Zealand
  • 1835-12-30 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin sails from NZ to Sydney
  • 1836-01-12 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin reaches Sydney,Australia
  • 1836-02-06 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reach Diemen's Land (Tasmania)
  • 1836-02-17 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin leaves Tasmania
  • 1836-03-06 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reach King George's Sound, Australia
  • 1836-03-14 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin leaves Australia
  • 1836-04-01 Charles Darwin aboard HMS Beagle reaches Cocos Islands
  • 1836-05-09 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin departs Port Louis, Mauritius
  • 1836-06-01 Charles Darwin returns to Capetown
  • 1836-06-18 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin leave South-Africa
  • 1836-07-08 Charles Darwin reaches Saint Helena in HMS Beagle
  • 1836-07-19 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin reaches Ascension
  • 1836-07-20 Charles Darwin climbs Green Hill on Ascension
  • 1836-08-01 HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin returns to Bahia Brazil
  • 1836-08-17 Charles Darwin leaves South America for last time on HMS Beagle
  • 1839-01-24 Charles Darwin elected Fellow of the Royal Society
  • 1858-07-01 The joint reading of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace's papers on evolution to the Linnean Society.
  • 1859-11-24 English naturalist Charles Darwin publishes "On the Origin of Species"
  • 1860-06-30 Famous debate on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution held at the Oxford University Museum and dominated by arguments between Thomas Henry Huxley and Bishop Samuel Wilberforce

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