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Charles Ives

Profession: Composer

United States of America

Why Famous: Holiday Quick Step, Unanswered Question

Born: October 20, 1874
Birthplace: Danbury, Connecticut, USA
Star Sign: Libra

Died: May 19, 1954 (aged 79)

Historical Events

  • 1939-01-20 Charles Ives' 1st Sonata "Concord" premieres
  • 1946-04-05 1st performance of Charles Ives' 3rd Symphony
  • 1946-10-07 Charles Ives' 2nd string quartet premieres
  • 1956-10-14 Charles Ives' overture "Robert Browning" premieres in NYC
  • 1960-02-10 Charles Ives' "Lincoln, the Great Commoner" premieres
  • 1965-04-26 Charles Ives' 4th Symphony premieres at Carnegie Hall, New York, 11 years after the composer's death
  • 1965-07-30 Charles Ives' "From the Steeples & the Mountains" premieres
  • 1970-11-29 Charles Ives' "Yale-Princeton" premieres

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