Charles Manson

Murderer Charles Manson

Profession: Murderer

United States of America

Biography: Leader of the "Manson Family", a quasi-commune that arose in the California desert, in the late-1960s, which committed several murders, the most famous of whom was Sharon Tate.

Born: November 12, 1934
Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Generation: Silent Generation
Chinese Zodiac: Dog
Star Sign: Scorpio

Died: November 19, 2017 (aged 83)
Cause of Death: Natural causes

Married Life

  • 1955-01-17 American murderer Charles Manson (20) weds American waitress Rosalie Jean Willis (17); divorce in 1958

Historical Events

  • 1970-03-01 Charles Manson's album "Lie" is released
  • 1971-01-19 The Beatles' "Helter Skelter" is played at Charles Manson trial
  • 1971-01-25 Charles Manson & 3 women followers convicted of Tate-LaBianca murders
  • 1971-04-19 Charles Manson sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Sharon Tate
  • 1976-04-01 "Helter Skelter", detailing Charles Manson's cult "family", their capture, trial, conviction and aftermath, premieres on CBS
  • 1981-06-13 Tom Snyder interviews Charles Manson on "Tomorrow"

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