Charles Tupper

6th Prime Minister of Canada Charles Tupper

Profession: 6th Prime Minister of Canada


Biography: A Canadian father of Confederation, he served as the sixth Prime Minister of Canada, sworn into office on May 1, 1896, seven days after parliament had been dissolved, before losing the June 23 election and resigning on July 8, 1896.

His 69-day term as prime minister is currently the shortest in Canadian history.

Born: July 2, 1821
Birthplace: Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada
Star Sign: Cancer

Died: October 30, 1915 (aged 94)
Cause of Death: Heart failure

Married Life

  • 1846-10-08 Prime Minister of Canada Charles Tupper (25) weds Frances Amelia Morse (20) in Amherst, Nova Scotia

Historical Events

  • 1896-05-01 Seven days after parliament was dissolved, Charles Tupper is sworn in as the 6th Prime Minister of Canada
  • 1896-07-08 Charles Tupper resigns as Prime Minister of Canada after losing the June 23rd election, his 69-day term the shortest in Canadian history

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