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Chester Greenwood

Inventor Chester Greenwood

Profession: Inventor

United States of America

Biography: Greenwood invented and patented earmuffs in 1873. He concocted the idea while ice skating, asking his grandmother to sew fur between loops of wire. After patenting the design, he went on to manufacture them, providing employment in the Farmington area for 60 years.

He also invented numerous other objects, including a tea kettle, a variation of the steel-toothed rake, an advertising matchbox and a machine used to produce wooden spools for wire and thread.

Born: December 4, 1858
Birthplace: Farmington, Maine, USA
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: July 5, 1937 (aged 78)

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  • 1877-03-13 American Chester Greenwood patents earmuffs after inventing them at age 15

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