Clara Barton

Pioneering Nurse and Humanitarian Clara Barton

Full Name: Clarissa "Clara" Harlowe Barton
Profession: Pioneering Nurse and Humanitarian

United States of America

Biography: Pioneering nurse who founded the American Red Cross.

A hospital nurse during the American Civil War, Barton was largely self-taught and is noteworthy for doing humanitarian work at a time when relatively few women worked outside the home.

In 1973, she was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.

Born: December 25, 1821
Birthplace: North Oxford, Massachusetts, USA
Star Sign: Capricorn

Died: April 12, 1912 (aged 90)
Cause of Death: Tuberculosis

Historical Events

  • 1881-05-21 American Red Cross founded by Clara Barton

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