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Cyrus McCormick

Inventor of the Mechanical Reaper Cyrus McCormick

Profession: Inventor of the Mechanical Reaper

United States of America

Biography: McCormick helped revolutionize the American agriculture industry when he invented the mechanical reaper in 1837, building on work by his father and other inventors in the 19th century.

He also helped form the modern concept of a company with his McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, which utilized manufacturing, marketing and a sales force to help sell its products.

Born: February 15, 1809
Birthplace: Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, USA
Star Sign: Aquarius

Died: May 13, 1884 (aged 75)

Married Life

  • 1858-01-26 Inventor Cyrus McCormick (48) weds Nancy Fowler

Historical Events

  • 1834-06-21 American inventor and businessman Cyrus McCormick patents the reaping machine

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