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Danielle Steel

Novelist Danielle Steel
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Profession: Novelist

United States of America

Why Famous: Danielle Steel is the world's fourth best-selling author and has sold 800 million copies of her romance novels worldwide. She has written 174 books with 141 of these novels, including "Now and Forever", "Perfect Stranger" and "Secrets".

Steel also also books of non fiction, poetry and children's fiction.

Born: August 14, 1947
Birthplace: NYC, New York, USA
Age: 72 years old

Generation: Baby Boomer
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Star Sign: Leo

Married Life

  • 1965-09-25 Novelist Danielle Steel (18) weds banker Claude-Eric Lazard
  • 1975-09-13 Novelist Danielle Steel (28) weds Danny Zugelder in the prison canteen
  • 1978-04-14 Novelist Danielle Steel (30) divorces Danny Zugelder after almost 3 years of marriage
  • 1978-04-15 Novelist Danielle Steel (30) weds William George Toth
  • 1981-06-14 Novelist Danielle Steel (33) weds John Traina
  • 1998-03-27 Novelist Danielle Steel (50) weds financier Thomas James Perkins (66)

Events in the Life of Danielle Steel

  • 1983-08-04 Danielle Steel’s romance novel “Thurston House” is published
  • 1984-05-01 Danielle Steel’s romance novel “Full Circle” is published
  • 1986-06-01 Danielle Steel’s romance novel “Wanderlust” is published
  • 1987-02-01 Danielle Steel’s romance novel “Fine Things” is published
  • 1989-10-01 Danielle Steel’s novel “Daddy” is published
  • 1992-05-01 Danielle Steel’s historical romance novel “Jewels” is published
  • 1997-06-25 Danielle Steel’s romantic novel “Special Delivery” is published
  • 2003-06-03 Danielle Steel’s novel “Sunset in St. Tropez” is published
  • 2010-02-23 Danielle Steel’s novel “Big Girl” is published
  • 2010-06-22 Danielle Steel’s novel “Family Ties” is published
  • 2011-11-01 Danielle Steel’s novel “Hotel Vendome” is published
  • 2012-03-27 Danielle Steel’s novel “Betrayal” is published
  • 2012-07-24 Danielle Steel’s novel “Friends Forever: A Novel” is published

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