David Attenborough

Natural History Filmmaker and TV Personality David Attenborough Full Name: David Attenborough

United Kingdom

Profession: Natural History Filmmaker and TV Personality
Why Famous: Widely regarded as a national treasure in Britain, Attenborough is the brother of film director Richard Attenborough and executive John Attenborough. His decades-long career in television has produced some of the greatest natural history broadcasting, including the Life series, the Blue Planet series and the Planet Earth series.

In addition to his enormous body of work, Attenborough, a lifelong supporter and employee of the BBC, served as controller of BBC Two and as director of programming for the BBC in the 1960s and 1970s.

He is the only person to have won BAFTAs for pograms in black and white, colour, HD, 3D and 4K.

Born: May 8, 1926 (92 years old)
Birthplace: Isleworth, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Star Sign: Taurus

Married Life

  • 1950-02-17 Natural history broadcaster David Attenborough (24) weds Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel

Historical Events in the Life of David Attenborough

  • 2009-09-14 David Attenborough and Prince William officially open the Darwin Centre at the National History Museum London, in what is the Museum's most significant expansion since 1881