Roman Emperor Domitian

Full Name: Titus Flavius Caesar Domitianus Augustus
Profession: Roman Emperor

Roman Empire

Biography: Roman emperor from 81 to 96, and the third and last emperor of the Flavian dynasty. Strengthened the economy by revaluing the Roman coinage, expanded the border defenses of the Empire, and initiated a massive building program to restore the damaged city of Rome.

Popular with the people and army but considered a tyrant by members of the Roman Senate, his reign came to an end in 96 when he was assassinated by court officials.

Born: October 24, 51
Birthplace: Rome, Italy
Star Sign: Scorpio

Died: September 18, 96 (aged 44)
Cause of Death: Assassination

Historical Events

  • 0081-09-14 Domitian becomes Emperor of the Roman Empire upon the death of his brother Titus
  • 0096-09-18 Nerva is proclaimed Roman Emperor after Domitian is assassinated

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