Dorothy Hodgkin

Chemist Dorothy Hodgkin Full Name: Dorothy Hodgkin [née Crowfoot]

United Kingdom

Profession: Chemist
Why Famous: Best known for developing crystallography of biochemical compounds, Hodgkin's work in determining the molecular structure of penicillin and vitamin B12 brought her the 1964 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Hodgkin became the 2nd woman to receive the Order of Merit after Florence Nightingale, the 1st woman to receive the Copley medal in 1976 from the Royal Society, and was appointed Chancellor of Bristol University serving 1970-88.

Dedicating much of her later life to social activism, Hodgkin was president of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs (1975-88). Seeking peaceful progress toward international development and security, she accepted the Lenin Peace Prize in 1987 in recognition of her humanitarian ambitions.

Born: July 29, 1910
Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt
Star Sign: Leo

Died: July 29, 1994 (aged 84)
Cause of Death: Stroke

Historical Events in the Life of Dorothy Hodgkin

  • 1964-12-10 Dorothy Hodgkin is the first British woman to be awarded the Nobel prize in Chemistry for work on penicillin and vitamin B12

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