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Edward the Confessor

King of England Edward the Confessor

Profession: King of England


Why Famous: Edward the Confessor was the last Anglo-Saxon king from the House of Wessex, and one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England. Edward reigned from 1042 until 1066.

Disagreements exist about the nearly thirty years Edward had on the throne. His epithet, 'the Confessor', reflects a view of him as particularly pious, though other historians contend that his failure to curb the influence of the House of Godwin led to the collapse of his authority and to the Norman conquest shortly after his death.

He died without heir on January 5, 1066. The council of Anglo-Saxon nobles elected Harold II of the House of Godwin to succeed him. Nine months later, William the Conqueror invaded England, deposed and killed Harold II and became the first Norman king of England, tarnishing Edward's reputation in future years.

Birthplace: Islip, Oxfordshire, England

Died: January 5, 1066

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  • 1043-04-03 Edward the Confessor crowned King of England

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