Edward VII

King of England Edward VII

Profession: King of England

United Kingdom

Biography: As the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Edward was heir apparent to the British throne for over sixty years during his mother's long rule. Throughout he attained a reputation as the archetypal leisured elite—even as a 'playboy prince,' much to his mother's dislike.

Upon ascending to the British throne in 1901, Edward oversaw a period since referred to as the 'Edwardian era'—corresponding to a new century and characterised by the modernisation of technology and society.

For his fostering relations with the continental European states, in particularly France, he was seen as a peacemaker; though his relationship with Germany, led by his nephew Wilhelm, was less successful.

Born: November 9, 1841
Birthplace: Buckingham Palace, London, England, United Kingdom
Star Sign: Scorpio

Died: May 6, 1910 (aged 68)

Married Life

  • 1863-03-10 Prince of Wales, Albert Edward (21) weds Princess Alexandra of Denmark (18) at Windsor Castle in St. George's chapel

Historical Events

  • 1860-09-20 First British royalty to visit US, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII)
  • 1890-03-04 Longest bridge in Great Britain, the Forth Bridge (railway) at 1,710 ft in length is opened in Scotland by the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII
  • 1900-03-30 62nd Grand National: Algy Anthony wins aboard Ambush II; owner is Prince Of Wales (King Edward VII)
  • 1900-04-04 Assassination attempt on Prince of Wales, later British King Edward VII when shot by Jean-Baptiste Sipido in protest over Boer war
  • 1901-01-22 After 63 years Britain stops sale of Queen Victoria postage stamps series & begins King Edward VII series
  • 1902-06-24 British King Edward VII develops appendicitis, delaying his coronation
  • 1902-06-26 Order of Merit instituted by King Edward VII
  • 1902-08-09 Edward VII of Great Britain crowned King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, succeeding his mother Queen Victoria
  • 1903-01-01 In Delhi, a great durbar, or formal reception, marks the coronation of King Edward VII as Emperor of India; the British release some 16,000 prisoners in honor of the occasion
  • 1903-05-01 King Edward VII of Great Britain visits Paris, where he is feted in a first step toward improving Anglo-French relations, culminating in the signing of the Entente Cordiale on 8 April, 1904
  • 1906-08-15 King Edward VII of Great Britain visits German Emperor Wilhelm II to discuss the escalating rivalry between their nations' naval forces
  • 1907-09-05 King Edward VII of Great Britain meets Russia's Foreign Minister Alexander Izvolski in an attempt to strengthen Russia's relationship with Britain
  • 1907-11-09 The Cullinan Diamond, the largest ever discovered, is presented to King Edward VII on his birthday
  • 1908-06-09 King Edward VII of Great Britain visits Tsar Nicholas II at Reval, Russia, where the two discuss the growing power of Germany and British plans for reform in Macedonia
  • 1908-08-11 King Edward VII of Britain meets with Emperor Wilhelm of Friedrichshof, Germany; the main point of contention is the increasing size of Germany's navy
  • 1908-08-13 King Edward VII of Great Britain meets with Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria at Ischl; the King tries to persuade the Emperor to advise Germany against aggressive (anti-British) policies
  • 1909-09-02 King Edward VII signs South Africa Act
  • 1910-05-06 George V becomes King of the United Kingdom upon the death of his father, Edward VII
  • 1910-05-20 Funeral for Britain's King Edward VII held in Westminster Abbey, has one of the largest assemblages of European royalty

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