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Enoch Powell

British Politician Enoch Powell

Full Name: John Enoch Powell
Profession: British Politician

United Kingdom

Biography: Enoch Powell was a British politician known for his controversial views on race, immigration and entry into the Economic Union.

Powell was a classical scholar and served in the army before being elected to the British parliament as a Conservative MP in 1950.

In 1968 he delivered his infamous 'Rivers of Blood' speech protesting at immigration from the new commonwealth into the country. The influx of people would, he said, begin a bloody race war. His speech caused a huge outcry and he was sacked from his ministerial post by party leader Edward Heath.

In 1974 he gave up his seat in parliament but was reelected as MP for a district in Northern Ireland which he served until he was voted out in 1987.

Born: June 16, 1912
Birthplace: Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Generation: Greatest Generation
Chinese Zodiac: Rat
Star Sign: Gemini

Died: February 8, 1998 (aged 85)

Historical Events

  • 1961-02-01 British minister Enoch Powell makes medical insurance more expensive
  • 1968-04-20 British politician Enoch Powell makes his controversial "Rivers of Blood" speech

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