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Ezra Pound

Poet Ezra Pound

Profession: Poet

United States of America

Why Famous: Ripostes, Hugh Selwyn Mauberley

Born: October 30, 1885
Birthplace: Hailey, Idaho, USA

Generation: Lost Generation
Star Sign: Scorpio

Died: November 1, 1972 (aged 87)
Cause of Death: Natural causes

Married Life

  • 1914-04-20 Poet and critic Ezra Pound (28) weds Dorothy Shakespear

Historical Events

  • 1935-01-30 Ezra Pound meets Benito Mussolini, reads from a draft of "Cantos"
  • 1949-02-19 1st Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Ezra Pound
  • 1958-04-18 A United States federal court rules that poet Ezra Pound is to be released from an insane asylum.

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