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Ferdinand von Zeppelin

Inventor of the Zeppelin Ferdinand von Zeppelin

Profession: Inventor of the Zeppelin


Biography: A German general and inventor, who founded the Zeppelin airship company.

Zeppelin's invention of rigid dirigibles, aircraft which are lighter than air, led to the first flight of a Zeppelin airship, LZ 1 in 1900 which he designed.

Later airships designed and built by Zeppelin confirmed the viability of the airship concept and ultimately ushered in the age of air transportation.

Born: July 8, 1838
Birthplace: Konstanz, Grand Duchy of Baden, Germany
Star Sign: Cancer

Died: March 8, 1917 (aged 78)

Articles and Photos

Married Life

  • 1869-08-07 Inventor Ferdinand von Zeppelin (31) weds Isabella Freiin von Wolff from the house of Alt-Schwanenburg

Historical Events

  • 1899-03-14 German Ferdinand von Zeppelin receives a US patent for a "Navigable Balloon"
  • 1900-07-02 First flight LZ-1, of a dirigible airship designed by Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin, at Lake Constance near Friedrichshafen, Germany
  • 1910-06-28 1st airship with passengers makes its maiden voyage; the Zeppelin LZ7-Deutscheland and gets stuck in some trees in Mount Limberg, Lower Saxony, injuring one crew member
  • 1911-05-16 Zeppelin "Deutscheland" wrecked at Dusseldorf
  • 1918-08-05 World War I: the last German air raid on England occurs, with four Zeppelin airships dropping bombs in the Midlands and North East England

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