Francisco Pizarro

Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro

Full Name: Francisco Pizarro González
Profession: Spanish Conquistador


Biography: Led the Spanish conquest of modern day Peru during which he captured and executed the Incan Emperor Atahualpa and conquered the Incan Empire.

Birthplace: Trujillo, Spain

Died: June 26, 1541
Cause of Death: Assassination

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Historical Events

  • 1519-07-26 Francisco Pizarro receives royal charter for the west coast of South America
  • 1524-11-14 Francisco Pizarro begins his 1st great expedition, near Colombia
  • 1529-07-26 Francisco Pizarro appointed Governor of Peru
  • 1532-11-16 Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro captures Inca Emperor Atahualpa after a surprise ambush at Cajamarca in the Peruvian Andes
  • 1533-07-26 Francisco Pizarro orders the death of the last Sapa Inca Emperor, Atahualpa
  • 1533-11-15 Francisco Pizarro arrives at Cuzco
  • 1535-01-18 Francisco Pizarro founds the city of Lima in Peru
  • 1537-07-12 Battle of Albancay: Diego de Almagro defeated by army led by Alonso de Alvarado on behalf of Francisco Pizarro

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