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Franz Joseph I

Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I

Profession: Austro-Hungarian Emperor


Born: August 18, 1830
Birthplace: Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austrian Empire
Star Sign: Leo

Died: November 21, 1916 (aged 86)
Cause of Death: Pneumonia of the right lung after he caught a cold while walking in Schönbrunn Park with the King of Bavaria

Married Life

  • 1854-04-24 Austria's Franz Joseph I marries Elisabeth A E "Sissi"

Events in the Life of Franz Joseph I

  • 1848-12-02 Franz Joseph I becomes Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia
  • 1859-06-24 Battle of Solferino, Northern Italy: a French Army under Napoleon III and a Sardinian Army under Victor Emmanuel II overcomes the Austrian Army under Emperor Franz Joseph I
  • 1897-10-08 Emperor Franz Joseph I names Gustav Mahler Director of the Vienna Court Opera
  • 1901-02-04 Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Joseph I, gives a speech condemning the demands of national groups and calls for economic and social reform
  • 1916-11-05 Emperors Wilhelm II (Germany) and Franz Joseph I (Austria-Hungary) establish the kingdom of Poland

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