Franz von Papen

Diplomat and Chancellor Franz von Papen

Profession: Diplomat and Chancellor


Biography: Papen began his career in the Imperial German Army, working in Mexico to sabotage the United States during World War I and then as a commander on the Western Front and in the Middle East.

He would then be appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1932 by President Paul von Hindenburg, though he was soon dismissed after failing to secure sufficient support.

Keen to take back power, Papen subsequently convinced Hindenburg to appoint Adolf Hitler as Chancellor, with Papen himself as Vice-Chancellor. At the time, Papen was sure that Hitler could be controlled.

This proved a mistake, with Papen and his allies quickly being sidelined. Ultimately he left the government after the Night of Long Knives, thereafter serving only in diplomatic roles.

Born: October 29, 1879
Birthplace: Werl, Province of Westphalia, German Empire
Star Sign: Scorpio

Died: May 2, 1969 (aged 89)

Historical Events

  • 1932-06-01 Franz von Papen becomes Reich Chancellor of Germany
  • 1932-06-02 German Chancellor Franz von Papen forms his "Cabinet of the Barons"
  • 1932-07-20 Franz von Papen launches a coup against the Prussian government
  • 1932-12-04 Kurt von Schleicher succeeds Franz von Papen as Reich Chancellor of Germany
  • 1933-01-30 President Paul von Hindenburg appoints Adolf Hitler as Reich Chancellor of Germany who forms a government with Franz von Papen
  • 1933-02-06 German President Paul von Hindenburg and Franz von Papen end the Prussian parliament
  • 1939-04-18 Franz von Papen becomes German ambassador in Turkey

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