Gaston Eyskens

Prime Minister of Belgium Gaston Eyskens

Profession: Prime Minister of Belgium


Biography: Gaston Eyskens led his country through six governments beginning in 1949, then from 1958 to 1961 and again from 1968 to 1972.

Eyskens' time in power involved dealing with such sensitive issues as the restoration of King Leopold III and the independence of the Belgium Congo (later Zaire) in 1960. In 1970 he also began the process of making constitutional changes that made Belgium into a federation.

Born: April 1, 1905
Birthplace: Lier, Belgium

Generation: Greatest Generation
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Star Sign: Aries

Died: January 3, 1988 (aged 82)

Historical Events

  • 1949-08-11 Gaston Eyskens forms Belgian government
  • 1950-03-17 Belgian government of Gaston Eyskens resigns due to constitutional crisis
  • 1958-06-26 Gaston Eyskens becomes Premier of Belgium
  • 1958-11-04 Belgian minority government of Gaston Eyskens resigns
  • 1961-04-25 Belgium government of Gaston Eyskens falls over the Unitary Law

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