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George Childress

Author of the Texas Declaration of Independence George Childress

Profession: Author of the Texas Declaration of Independence

United States of America

Biography: George Childress was born in Tennessee and moved to Texas in 1835 where he practised law.

A representative at the Texas Convention in 1836, Childress is credited as the primarily author of the Texas Declaration of Independence, largely based on the US Declaration of Independence.

After Texas declared itself a republic Childress was part of the delegation sent to get the US to officially recognize the republic.

After a period of business failures Childress committed suicide in 1841 by stabbing himself.

Born: January 8, 1804
Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Star Sign: Capricorn

Died: October 6, 1841 (aged 37)
Cause of Death: Suicide

Historical Events

  • 1836-03-02 Republic of Texas declares independence from Mexico in Columbia

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