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George Dewey

Admiral George Dewey

Profession: Admiral

United States of America

Biography: George Dewey is the only American to hold the office of "Admiral of the Navy", awarded in 1899 after his famous victory at the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898.

The Battle was a decisive victory for the US during the Spanish-American War and led to US occupation of Manila in the Philippines. Admiral Dewey famously gave his order to engage saying " "You may fire when you are ready, Gridley."

Born: December 26, 1837
Birthplace: Montpelier, Vermont, USA
Star Sign: Capricorn

Died: January 16, 1917 (aged 79)

Married Life

  • 1867-10-24 US Admiral George Dewey (29) weds daughter of New Hampshire's war governor Susan Goodwin
  • 1899-11-09 US Admiral of the Navy George Dewey (61) weds Mildred McLean Hazen at the rectory St. Paul's Catholic Church in Washington, D.C.

Historical Events

  • 1898-04-24 US fleet under commodore George Dewey sails from Hong Kong to Philippines
  • 1898-05-01 US Admiral George Dewey commands "You may fire when you are ready, Gridley" as US rout Spanish fleet at Manila
  • 1898-07-08 US battle fleet under Admiral George Dewey occupies Isla Grande at Manila
  • 1898-08-13 US forces under Admiral George Dewey captures Manila during Spanish–American War
  • 1899-03-03 George Dewey becomes 1st in US to hold the rank of Admiral of the Navy

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