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George Eliot

Writer George Eliot

Full Name: Mary Ann Evans
Profession: Writer


Biography: Mary Ann Evans is known more by her pseudonym George Eliot, a name she took up in the 1850s when she started to publish works of fiction. Her first novel "Adam Bede" (1859) was immediately successful. Other works followed such as "Mill on the Floss" (1860) and her masterpiece "Middlemarch" (1871-2) now regarded as one of the most important nineteenth century novels, all written with Eliot's characteristic realistic style.

Eliot's personal life was scandalous, from 1654 - 1878 She lived openly with the married journalist George Henry Lewes, whose wife was already involved with another man. Upon Lewes death she married a man 20 years her junior.

Born: November 22, 1819
Birthplace: Nuneaton, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: December 22, 1880 (aged 61)

Married Life

  • 1880-05-06 Novelist Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot) (60) marries banker John Cross (40) at George's, London

Historical Events

  • 1860-03-21 English novelist George Eliot finishes her novel "The Mill on the Floss" in Wandsworth, London

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