George Grenville

British Prime Minister George Grenville

Profession: British Prime Minister

United Kingdom

Biography: George Grenville was born into a political family. His father was an MP and Grenville entered parliament himself in 1741 as MP for Buckingham, a seat he held until his death in 1770.

As a Whig, Grenville became a supporter of William Pitt the Elder and entered the Privy Council. Grenville earned the support of the King, becoming Leader of the House of Commons in 1761 and the King asked him to form a government in 1763.

Grenville's time in power was marked by conflict with how to deal with the political radical John Wilkes and with the legality of general warrants.

Grenville also stirred unforeseen consequences when, in a effort to pay for the Seven Years' War he introduced taxes on the American colonies. Taxes that led to organised American protests and ultimately the American Revolution.

Grenvill's youngest son William Wyndham Grenville also became Prime Minister, in 1806.

Born: October 14, 1712
Birthplace: Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom
Star Sign: Libra

Died: November 13, 1770 (aged 58)

Historical Events

  • 1764-04-05 British Parliament passes the Sugar Tax on the American colonies, introduced by Prime Minister George Grenville
  • 1765-03-22 Stamp Act passed; 1st direct British tax on American colonists, organized by Prime Minister George Grenville

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