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George VI

King of the United Kingdom George VI

Full Name: Albert Frederick Arthur George
Profession: King of the United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Biography: Served as King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions from 1936 until his death in 1952.

George VI ascended the throne after his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated to marry the divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson.

During George's reign the break-up of the British Empire and its transition into the Commonwealth of Nations accelerated. He also served as Britain's wartime King during World War II.

Born: December 14, 1895
Birthplace: York Cottage, Sandringham House, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom

Generation: Lost Generation
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: February 6, 1952 (aged 56)
Cause of Death: Coronary thrombosis and lung cancer

Articles and Photos

Married Life

  • 1923-04-26 English prince Albert Duke of York (George VI) (27) marries Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (22) at Westminster Abbey

Historical Events

  • 1936-12-10 Britain replaces King Edward VIII stamp series with King George VI
  • 1937-05-12 Coronation of King George VI of Great Britain (and his other realms and territories beyond the sea) at Westminster Abbey, London
  • 1939-06-07 George VI and Elizabeth become the 1st king and queen of Britain to visit USA
  • 1942-04-15 George VI awards George Cross to people of Malta
  • 1944-05-15 Eisenhower, Montgomery, Churchill and King George VI discuss the plan for D-Day
  • 1944-06-16 King George VI visits General Montgomery's HQ in Normandy
  • 1944-09-01 King George VI promotes Montgomery to field marshal
  • 1947-07-18 King George VI signs Indian Independence Act
  • 1948-07-29 King George VI opens the XIV Summer Olympic Games at Wembley Stadium in London
  • 1952-02-06 Queen Elizabeth II succeeds King George VI to the British throne and proclaimed Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms including Canada, Australia and New Zealand
  • 1952-02-15 King George VI is buried in St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, England

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