Gerd von Rundstedt

German General Gerd von Rundstedt

Profession: German General


Biography: Von Rundstedt participated in some of Nazi Germany's most important military assaults, including commanding Army Group South during the invasion of Poland, Army Group A during the Battle of France and Army Group South again during the invasion of the Soviet Union. In this latter conflict he oversaw the largest Holocaust killing to that point at Babi Yar.

Relieved of command in December 1941, he was recalled in 1942 and made Commander-in-Chief in the West. In 1944 he faced the Allied landings in Normandy and was dismissed after the German loss in July, but was again recalled in September. In this role he oversaw the last-ditch German offensive at the Battle of the Bulge until his final dismissal by Adolf Hitler in January 1945.

After the war he was arrested and charged with but not tried for war crimes owing to ill health.

Born: December 12, 1875
Birthplace: Aschersleben, Prussia, German Empire
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: January 24, 1953 (aged 77)
Cause of Death: Heart failure

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