Guglielmo Marconi

Inventor and Nobel Laureate Guglielmo Marconi

Profession: Inventor and Nobel Laureate


Biography: Italian inventor, known for his pioneering work on long distance radio transmission and for his development of Marconi's law and a radio telegraph system.

Inventions which gained him the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Born: April 25, 1874
Birthplace: Bologna, Italy
Star Sign: Taurus

Died: July 20, 1937 (aged 63)
Cause of Death: Heart attack

Articles and Photos

Married Life

  • 1905-03-16 Inventor and electrical engineer Guglielmo Marconi (30) weds Beatrice O'Brien
  • 1927-04-27 Inventor and electrical engineer Guglielmo Marconi (53) divorces Beatrice O'Brien after 22 years of marriage
  • 1927-06-12 Inventor and electrical engineer Guglielmo Marconi (53) weds Maria Cristina Bezzi-Scali

Historical Events

  • 1896-06-02 Italian engineer and inventor Guglielmo Marconi applies for the first ever patent for a system of wireless telegraphy in the United Kingdom
  • 1896-12-11 Chief Electrical Engineer of the British Post Office, William Preece, gives a public lecture in London called "Telegraphy without Wires", praising the work of 22 year old Guglielmo Marconi
  • 1901-12-12 Guglielmo Marconi sends the first transatlantic radio signal, from Poldhu in Cornwall to Newfoundland, Canada
  • 1904-01-07 Marconi Co establishes "CQD" as 1st international radio distress signal
  • 1907-10-17 Guglielmo Marconi's company begins the first commercial transatlantic wireless service between Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada and Clifden, Ireland
  • 1911-11-19 NY receives first Marconi wireless transmission from Italy
  • 1922-02-15 Marconi begins regular broadcasting transmissions from Essex
  • 1922-11-14 BBC begins daily radio broadcasts from the 2LO transmitter at Marconi House