Hans Christian Ørsted

Physicist, Chemist Hans Christian Ørsted

Full Name: Hans Christian Oersted
Profession: Physicist, Chemist


Biography: Hans Christian Ørsted discovered electromagnetism while observing a compass needle in 1820. He investigated further and published his findings. For his work The Royal Society of London awarded him the Copley Medal.

The oersted, the centimetre-gram-second system (CGS) unit of magnetic induction is named after him.

Ørsted was also the first to formulate aluminium in 1825.

Born: August 14, 1777
Birthplace: Rudkøbing, Denmark
Star Sign: Leo

Died: March 9, 1851 (aged 73)

Historical Events

  • 1820-04-21 Danish scientist Hans Christian Ørsted is the first to identify electromagnetism, when he observes a compass needle