Harvey S. Firestone

Tire Industrialist Harvey S. Firestone

Full Name: Harvey Samuel Firestone
Profession: Tire Industrialist

United States of America

Biography: Harvey S. Firestone was an American businessman best known for founding the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, which was one of the first global producers of automobile tires. The company started out making rubber tires for carriages, but quickly moved to capture the booming automobile market.

Firestone was one of the 'Vagabonds,' a group of leading industrialists at the time that worked and vacationed together. The group also included Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, as well occasionally also John Burroughs and President Herbert Hoover.

Born: December 20, 1868
Birthplace: Columbiana, Ohio, USA
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: February 7, 1938 (aged 69)

Married Life

  • 1895-11-20 Businessman Harvey Firestone (26) weds composer Idabelle Smith (21)

Historical Events

  • 1900-08-03 Firestone Tire and Rubber Company founded
  • 1914-04-14 US head of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company Stacy G. Carkhuff patents non-skid tire pattern
  • 1923-04-05 Firestone Tire and Rubber Company starts producing inflatable tires

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