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Haym Salomon

Financier Haym Salomon

Profession: Financier

United States of America

Biography: Saloman was one of the primary financiers of the American Revolutionary War against Britain. At several points in the war Saloman's loans helped the nascent American forces continue their campaigns against the British, and, along with Robert Morris, was the prime financier of the Continental Army.

A notable example included his emergency fundraising for George Washington's army at the battle of Yorktown; Saloman $20,000, and with funding provided by Morris, Washington was able to fight the battle. This would be the last confrontation of the Revolution.

In all, Saloman raised $650,000 ($18,035,722.16 in 2018 dollars) for the American side of the war.

Born: April 7, 1740
Birthplace: Leszno, Poland
Star Sign: Aries

Died: January 6, 1785 (aged 44)
Cause of Death: Tuberculosis

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