Henry Hudson

Explorer Henry Hudson

Profession: Explorer


Biography: Henry Hudson was an explorer and navigator in the early 17th century.

Hudson made two attempts to find a prospective Northwest Passage to China via a route above the Arctic Circle while in the employ of the Dutch East India Company.

While he didn't find the passage, Hudson did explore the region around modern New York and the river which now bears his name. Thus laying the foundations for Dutch colonization of the region.

It is presumed he died in 1611 after being set adrift by mutineers in Hudson Bay on his ship Discovery and never seen again.

Born: September 12, 1575
Birthplace: , England
Star Sign: Virgo

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Historical Events

  • 1609-03-25 Henry Hudson embarks on an exploration for Dutch East India Company to find a passage to Asia
  • 1609-08-28 English explorer Henry Hudson, discovers and explores Delaware Bay
  • 1609-09-04 Navigator Henry Hudson is the first European to discover island of Manhattan [or Sep 11]
  • 1610-04-17 English explorer Henry Hudson departs London, England aboard Discovery on his fourth, final and fatal voyage to discover a north west passage to the Pacific
  • 1610-08-02 English explorer Henry Hudson enters the bay later named after him, the Hudson Bay
  • 1611-06-22 English explorer Henry Hudson, his son and seven others set adrift in Hudson Bay by mutineers on his ship Discovery and never seen again
  • 1938-01-06 Bronze memorial statue O. Henry Hudson erected in Bronx

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