Henry Miller

Author Henry Miller

Profession: Author

United States of America

Biography: Known for breaking with existing literary forms, developing a new sort of semi-autobiographical novel that blended character study, social criticism, philosophical reflection, explicit language, sex, surrealist free association and mysticism, always distinctly about and expressive of the real-life Henry Miller and yet also fictional.

Born: December 26, 1891
Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, USA

Generation: Lost Generation
Star Sign: Capricorn

Died: June 7, 1980 (aged 88)
Cause of Death: Circulatory complications

Married Life

  • 1924-06-24 American writer Henry Miller (31) marries 2nd wife June Smerth (21) in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Historical Events

  • 1918-04-01 Henry Miller's Theater opens at 124 W 43rd St NYC
  • 1959-05-12 "Nervous Set" opens at Henry Miller's Theater NYC for 23 performances
  • 1959-05-30 "Nervous Set" closes at Henry Miller's Theater NYC after 23 performances

Quotes by Henry Miller

  • "If we have not found heaven within, it is a certainty we will not find it without."

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