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Henry Pelham

British Prime Minister Henry Pelham

Profession: British Prime Minister

United Kingdom

Biography: Henry Pelham, regarded as Britain's third Prime Minister succeeded Spencer Compton upon his death in 1743.

A Whig politician, Pelham entered office and rose though the ranks through the patronage of his brother Thomas Pelham-Holles, Duke of Newcastle and through his allegiance to Robert Walpole.

During his time as leader Pelham became known for his management and administrative skills, he was able to balance the varies factions in parliament an reduce government spending.

Upon his death in office in 1754 he was succeeded by his brother.

Born: September 25, 1694
Birthplace: Laughton, England, United Kingdom
Star Sign: Libra

Died: March 6, 1754 (aged 59)

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